GEOG 491 : Professional Field Experience in Geography (Internships)

Internship Director: Dr. Tim Warner

Professional Field Experience or internship uses the workplace as an extended classroom. As part of their training, students usually spend time during the semester or the summer months working at a public or private agency where they are supervised by experts in the areas of GIS, Remote Sensing, Economic Development and Planning.

Participation in Professional field experience is invaluable in today’s competitive job market where work experience is considered an important credential. Professional field experience is recommended for majors in Geography with at least 45 total credit hours and 12 credit hours in Geography.

GEOG 491 Professional Internship Syllabus

What is the best way to find out about internship opportunities?

All information about internships will be sent to undergraduates directly via the listserv.

For further information please contact Dr. Warner.