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Cynthia Gorman Profile Picture

Cynthia Gorman


Cynthia’s research focuses on gender, migration, legal regimes and international human rights campaigns. She teaches courses on world regional geography, global migration and women and international development.


Ph.D., Rutgers University, Women’s and Gender Studies, 2013M.A., Rutgers University, Women’s & Gender Studies, 2006B.A., Magna Cum Laude, Bates College, Political Science, 2003


I am a feminist social scientist trained in international human rights, migration studies and critical legal theory with a focus on gender issues in a global context. My research contributes to a growing interdisciplinary field that examines changes in state governance in relation to global migration, global legal regimes and transnational women’s rights campaigns. I am currently engaged in a long-term study of feminist lawyering practices to transform refugee-asylum law. My research offers a critical reinterpretation of the evolution of gender-based asylum that sheds light on the promise and paradox of securing state protection for female victims of human rights violations.

Office: 227 Brooks Hall

Tel. 304.293.9299